Simple Steps To Make Fudge In The Microwave

We dont know about you, but dessert is conveniently my favorite dish of the day. Whether or not you have a huge sweet tooth, this dish is good to have in your arsenal as it goes completely with any occasion. Who does not like homemade chocolate fudge? In this video clip, Elizabeth LaBau from walks through the very easy actions to make delicious chocolate fudge from the comfort of your own microwave. Using just four substances as well as with a simple five mins of prep time, this savory treat is inexpensive as well as problem-free.Simple Steps To Make Fudge In The Microwave

This recipe is particularly handy. You cannot fail with chocolate fudge on Thanksgiving or Christmas, and individuals will certainly never ever believe it took you simply five mins to make. According to a research conducted by the Pew Research Center, about 58 percent of Americans bake items to provide for others especially during the Christmas holiday. Thanks to this video clip, we understand what well be giving out this year!

We enjoy sharing easy-to-follow video clips such as this. If youre anything like us, having something easy to mark off your list during the chaotic holiday makes things a lot easier.

See the video and try it out on your own! Remember to tell us just what you think in the comments section below!

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Everyone Is Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar. Should You?

The ancient condimentthe earliest known use of vinegar dates back more than 10,000 years and has been used as both food and medicineis enjoying a real resurgence lately. As a folk remedy, apple cider vinegar has been credited with curing everything from the flu to warts. Many of its supposed benefits are unproven, but some experts think that adding a little of this sour liquid to your life may have some health benefits.

Here are 7 health benefits of apple cider vinegar which are supported by scientific research.


1. It keeps blood sugar levels in check. Multiple studies give weight to the claim that apple cider vinegar can help with diabetes and blood sugar regulation. Drinking the stuff was shown to improve insulin sensitivity to high-carbohydrate mealsslowing the rise in blood sugar levels.

2. It protects your heart. Japanese research showed apple cider vinegar reduced blood pressure in ratsbut the same results have yet to be showed in humans. (Did you know apples are one of The Best Fruits for a Heart-Healthy Diet?)

3. It aids digestion. Fermented foods, like vinegar, have been shown to aid digestion by encouraging the growth of healthy gut bacteria.

4. It prevents cancer. This is a stretch, but apple cider vinegar is rich in polyphenols, which help fight oxidative stress. Research has shown that eating diets high in antioxidant-rich foods may help reduce your cancer risk, but dont expect a magic panacea.

5. It could help you lose weight. Research is very limited, but a small Japanese study published in Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry did find that people who took vinegar daily for twelve weeks lost slightly more weight (1 to 2 lbs.) than those who took water. Experts believe vinegar may stimulate genes that help breakdown fat. Another study in the International Journal of Obesity found sipping the stuff could suppress appetite, but this was due to the fact that the pungent taste caused people to feel nauseousless than appealing.

6. It balances your pH levels. Although very little research has been done in this field, proponents claim apple cider vinegar helps restore alkalinity in the body, which can boost metabolism, strengthen immunity and slow the aging-process to give you clearer, wrinkle-free skin.

7. It may banish bad breath. The vinegars anti-bacterial properties may help break down plaque and kill bacteria that cause halitosis and even a sore throat.

One thing to note before you pour yourself a glass: The taste can be tough to swallow, so, if you want to give the trendy drink a try, we recommend mixing two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with water and honey or a fresh fruit juice. Opt for the cloudy, unfiltered version, as its believed to be the most potentjust dont drink too much. Over-indulging may damage your tooth enamel or irritate your esophagus due to its high acid content.




These Foods Are Killing Us! Heres Why You Should Avoid Them!

This is only the top of the list of toxic food products which, in the opinion of foreign and domestic nutritionist, should be avoided.

– The greatest enemy of health is processed foods with lots of additives, and still do not know which the long term effects of consuming these foods are believes Rachel Harvest, a nutritionist from New York.These Foods Are Killing Us! Here

In the diet hot dogs, sausages and salami are equally undesirable, because the processed meat contains a lot of fat, and may contain up to 400 percent more salt and 50 percent more preservatives than just red meat; in order to disguise the salinity in these products dextrose is added.

– Many dont know that bologna and salami special are not the same. Deli may contain only the proteins of the meat until a specific sausage may contain soy, gluten and skins. The same is the case with the Tyrolean Alps and sausage. Tyrol contains only the proteins of meat, and alpine proteins of other origin says a technologist in a food company.

He explains that the pizza and ham products are of poor quality, because it refers to them by the worst types of meat, which is hydrogenated, and then shredded so the huge percentage of water is not visible.

Harvest says that industrially processed food has no nutritional value.

– It has too much salt and sugar, artificial colors, which the body cannot process. Processing over which are added various flavorings used in the meat and dairy industry. You have the margarine with the taste of butter, low fat cheese from processed vegetable oils. All this is unhealthy, burden the liver and kidneys, clog arteries and increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.

What you should avoid:


To make the pate, they use the cheapest and worst meat categories which include skins, bones, hooves, cartilage… More than half of the pate is of water, fat, skins, offal, starch, salt, spices, emulsifiers and other chemicals, while meat in certain types of pate is barely 30 percent. The pate has large amount of salt. Especially, the pate should be avoided in the intestine, because they are still lower quality than those in cans.


Margarine is made from vegetable oils, which are extracted from sunflower with the help of chemicals. The high temperature in the process of converting oil destroys all the vitamins and antioxidants which include leads to the formation of free radicals that can cause serious damage to the cells and increase the risk of cancer. These oils are very start rancid and unhealthy, and adding new chemicals are converted into solid state, causing trans-fatty acids, which have been proved to be very harmful for health.

Cheese slices

This cheese is made from pure cheese, but from what remains in the process of cheese production. In it, in fact, is only 50 percent of the cheese, and the rest are whey proteins, water, fat, emulsifiers and artificial color to the final product was as true as possible taste. This cheese has twice more salt than in the ordinary, while it has more fat than any other dairy product. Melting processes kill all the probiotic and other bacteria that have a positive effect on our body.


On the list are especially the unhealthy food and popcorn for the microwave, because they contain chemicals which have been shown that can increase the risk of cancer, affect fertility and interfere with kidney function. Many microwave popcorn contain artificial flavors and trans fatty acids, and other chemicals that can cause headaches and nausea. Recommended by nutritionists is that fans of popcorn make this snack in the traditional way in a saucepan on the stove.

Hot dog

All offal, skin, nails, hooves, intestines, blood vessels, cartilage, fat, bones, ligaments, and the worst quality meat grinding the mixture to be unrecognizable. Then add vegetables, soybeans, spices, starches, water, a lot of salt, the preservative sodium nitrate as the product would be lengthy, then potassium and calcium triphosphates, polyphosphates, sodium ascorbate and carmine color found in lipsticks and paprika extract. And thats hot dogs.

What is in them?

Sodium nitrite

It is a seasoning and preservative that is widely used in meat products such as bacon, sausage and ham. Experts link it to increased risk of cancer, and there are studies that can cause heart problems.


This additive is among the most damaging. Products in liquid form ensures the homogeneity and density of the corresponding level, while the cured meat products are placed to bind as much water to be heavier. Potential is the challenger colon cancer.


Polyphosphates are commonplace in local cured meat products, and manufacturers dont seem to mind that his excessive ingestion can cause gene mutations.

Monosodium glutamate

Its role is the better taste of the finished products, which is why it is called delicious poison. Today it is almost impossible to find a finished product that it does not contain. Disruptive work of the hormones produces hyperactivity in children, leading to chronic fatigue, sudden changes in blood pressure, headaches.

Trans fatty acids

These are artificial fats that are added to processed food in order to prolong shelf life. Trans fatty acids increase harmful LDL cholesterol and reduce good HDL, increase the risk of heart disease and stroke, and harm the arteries.


Drink This Every Morning Will Stop The Fat Accumulation In Your Blood And Weight Gaining!

The way of life today has left many people with accumulated fat in their blood and obesity. Here is a old remedy for a syrup that will clear out your blood from fat and therefor help you lose weight.

It also works at decreasing cholesterol levels.



    • 1 kg lemons;
    • 5 6 parsley springs;
    • 3 L water;
    • 1 packet baking soda.


    Cook the lemons and parsley for about 2 3 hours and drink them every morning on an empty stomach.

    Wash the lemons with cold water, then put it in hot water and add the baking soda.

    Leave it to sit for about an hour.

    Chop the parsley along with the stem, into small bits.

    Chop the lemon into small bits along with the rind.

    Cook it on low heat for about 2 3 hours. After you cook it, strain it.

    You should get about 1.5 liters of syrup.

    Drink it every morning on an empty stomach, using a small shot glass.

    You should have enough syrup for 15 days.



    This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Coconut Water

    Is coconut water as magical as everyone says it is?

    This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Coconut Water

    You have probably heard about coconut oil and the plenty benefits it offers. Here you will learn about the greatest benefits of the coconut water consumption, of which you probably never heard.

    You probably never knew that the coconut water has virtually compatible structure with the blood plasma in the human bloodstream. Thus, the coconut water was used in the war conflicts, where it saved number of lives as a substitute for blood. The coconut water was given to many injured people during the long and exhausting battles.

    Today the coconut water is used everywhere around the world. You can find coconut in many markets around you, which gives you the chance to exploit the numerous health advantages of this amazing fruit.

    The coconut water doesnt have very nice taste, but that shouldnt be a reason to avoid the one of the best detoxifying water in the world.

    What happens to your body when you drink coconut water?

    When using the coconut water you will strengthen your immune system, thus it will eliminate bacteria that cause urinary tract infections, gonorrhea, gum disease and the viruses that cause influence, infectious disease and typhold. If you are experiencing chronic fatigue, the coconut water will bolster your energy. You should drink 40 to 50 ml a day.

    Not only it will boost your energy, it will also enhance the production of thyroid hormones. The water is good for people that suffer from kidney issues, because it acts as a natural diuretic. It will clean the urinary tract and the bladder channels. Will remove toxins from the body and diminish issues caused by kidney stones.

    Coconut water is good for digestion because of the high level of fibers contained in it. If you drink it regularly it will eliminate the issues caused by the stomach acid. You can drink it in high amounts because the water is including low level of fat. You will lose weight, thanks to its ability to give you the feeling of saturation and diminishes appetite.


    If you have acne, oily or dry skin, all you need to do is to soak cotton in coconut water, and place it on the skin. It will cleanse and invigorate the skin, and most important, will not close the pores. If you mix the water with olive oil, you can purify your organism. This mixture will remove intestinal parasites. According to experts, you can solve some health issues during pregnancy, by using the coconut water.

    Drinking one cup of coconut water every morning, will balance the electrolytes, whose imbalance can lead to hypertension, also more commonly known as high blood pressure.

    If you drink a little bit more alcohol through the night, you will most likely have a headache in the morning. So, next time, you go too far with drinking alcohol recall this savior, in order to get rid from the headache. It will also recompense the lost liquids and transcend the nausea which is often connected with hangover.

    If you like to have moisturizing skin and keep it shiny all day long, one cup of coconut water will be enough. After some exhausting physical activities, you could drink this water to have your energy restored. It will refresh you and leave beneficial impact on every single inch of your body.

    Energy bolster, reinforcement of the immune system, protection from bacteria and infection, weight loss…

    What else can you ask for!?


    Effective Exercises against Back Pain

    If you lead sedentary lifestyles, these exercises will bring some relief from the constant back pain.

    Effective Exercises against Back Pain

    These exercises are very effective because they naturally relieve back pain caused by the daily load. Every morning when you get up, reach out and unwittingly do these exercises that will correct the back and unleash the pressure from the spine.

    If you lead sedentary lifestyles, and have to stay in the chair in the same position, these exercises will bring some relief from the constant back pain. You will feel reborn and lighter.

    Exercises against back pain:

    1. Lie on your back, place a pillow under the shoulders or folded towel roll with the knees spread apart and breathing evenly. Hold this position for several minutes.


    2. While sitting on the heels, surround a pillow and hug it with your hands. During 10 20 breaths relax, head turned to one side. Repeat on the other side.


    3. Remove the pillow, extend your arms in front of you and slightly to the side, slightly wider shoulder. Feel the stretch in your hips and shoulders. Take a deep breath, and go down the other side and stretch the back again.


    4. Squat your knees, lift your back, relax your neck and arms with her knees firmly on the floor, and head lowered down. This situation is reminiscent of the strain that makes cats, right? They know how to properly stretch.


    5. When inhaling bend your back, with your buttocks up, and the view too. When exhaling return to the previous cat position. Alternately do these two exercises, each 10 times.


    6. While leaning on your knees, spread your hands in front of you and rely on one shoulder. The head should be turned to the side and neck relaxed. Feel your shoulders straining. Do the same on the other side.


    7. Lie on the floor, spread your legs, put a pillow under your hips. Your shoulders and back should be on the floor. You must feel like you stretched the front of the thighs. Lie in this position for one minute.


    8. And the last exercises move the pillow under your knees and completely relax your body 5 minutes.v128

    Dont forget to share the knowledge as you might help someone in need!


    5 Reasons Why Bananas Are Great For Your Health?

    Bananas are rich in potassium, fiber and vitamins C and B6, however, this delicious fruit offers a lot more than that.

    Besides being part of the most delicious fruit drinks, bananas will make life better in a few ways:5 Reasons Why Bananas Are Great For Your Health

    You can use them instead of sports drinks

    The study that was conducted on 14 professional cyclists showed that half a banana has the same effect as one cup of sports drink every 15 minutes during a race for a period of two and a half to 3 hours. The performance of the cyclists was the same, but the benefits are bigger than from the drinks full of carbohydrates. They contain more nutrients and healthy blend of natural sugars and antioxidants. In addition, bananas help in preventing muscle cramps, so it is not bad to eat during an intense workout.

    They will speed up your metabolism

    Bananas are a good source of resistant starch which is found in foods rich in carbohydrates, and that helps with weight loss. Our body resistant starch is digested slowly, which means that we will be more satisfied. Slightly green bananas medium sized has 12.5 grams of resistant starch, while ripe banana has almost a 5th.

    Regulate blood pressure

    Another good side of the high amounts of potassium in bananas: regulate blood pressure. The more potassium goes in the body, the more sodium comes out of the body. This mineral acts as a natural diuretic and stimulates the kidneys to excrete excess sodium which the body retains.

    Good for the bacteria in the digestive system

    Bananas have a lot of probiotics and carbohydrates that the human body cannot digest. However, they have an important role in maintaining a healthy digestive system. Probiotics provide the food with probiotics, and thus helps them grow. In addition to bananas, probiotics can be found in dried apricot, garlic and onion.

    Relieve abdominal discomfort

    Due to the large amounts of fiber, bananas will help with constipation, diarrhea recovery, and regulation of gastric acid, heartburn and ulcers.


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